This business concept is so important, but often overlooked - The Referral Engine

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I'm currently reading "The Referral Engine", a book by John Jantsch. I've read it before, but I'm searching for answers to particular business questions and this book was a good one for me to go back to.

This isn't a review of the book, as I'm not done re-reading it yet. I'm starting a trend of reading a business book a week. I like it.

The picture is of page 126 and 127 that gives a list of the benefits of blogging. Applicable for Steemit, so I thought I'd share. I'll just share the bullet points. More detail is given in the book (and you can read some of it in the picture).

  • Blogging makes me a better thinker
  • Blogging makes me a better listener
  • Blogging makes me a better writer
  • Blogging makes me a better salesperson
  • Blogging makes me a better speaker
  • Blogging keeps me focused on learning
  • Blogging allows me to test out ideas
  • Blogging makes me a better networker
  • Blogging allows me to create bigger ideas

This is in the context of a business blog, but I'm certain that all of these can apply to writing on Steemit.

Have you read this book? Are you a business owner or would you like to become one? What business books have you read? What are your favorites?

I'll keep sharing what I'm reading and learning.

Until next time,

-- @matthewdavid