When we get back online - we will have new staff and a sustainable setup!

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We want to be best, so some changes has to be made for us to move forward in a sustainable and transparent and accurate matter, so we are doing some economic and technical changes.


  • @stray is now going to operate @booster for us.
  • a 2.5/2,5% fee of all liquid earnings after refunds will pay our operating costs. If the price of steem goes higher or lower will affect @stray personally, so let us hope for his sake that STEEM only go up from here so that @stray too can become RICH someday. (Right now you can buy 1m STEEM for $300K, Bargain or not?)
  • Semi-Automatic Refund will be turned back on, we - the owners of @booster have no clue why accounts got 3 X refunded over several hours, we also do not know how it is possible that @butthole still got paid every round 4 days after he pulled his delegation. @Stray are in dialogue with the software creators to find out if this was an accident or embezzlement from the previous administration
  • Payouts to delegators will be done 1 to 10 times per day, after refund of invalid bids/the wrong URL.
  • Physically hands-on terminal to see ram, cpu and electricity every 3-6 hours
  • Alarms and a better warning system will turn off automation to see what was abnormal. Was it a dead node? was it a stuck script? did some "Russian hacker" jam the system? - you know, stuff like that.
  • ProActive continuation making STEEM profitable for Delegators and bring lots of attention to our Customers. The value of trending on steem AND on Google is quite high - if you add a product you sell to your post on your steemdomain.

@Booster will have over 1 Million Delegated SteemPower when it is back online!

Our main investor, and the visionary inventor of the bidbot business, Mr. @fyrstikken will be delegating a million SteemPower to us when we are ready to move forward and activate the systems. You can still delegate to us, but you will not make any money until the bot starts up again.

Guaranteed Customers, Trending on Google what is Trending on STEEM!

Since we always has over 1 Million SteemPower since forever, customers know that a @Booster upvote can send your post high up on the trending list. Use multiple bots in order to rank higher and be seen and captured by data crawlers and search engines. "How To" posts are the ones who can make you the most money long term if you add some affiliate program or sell a product to your audience. You be surprised how many people buy your stuff on Amazon if they like your trending post.

The Attention Economy is all about Money, get some.

If you do not have what it takes to get a post trending, or in general Steem-Poor - the point is to not go there - become Steem-Rich hold it in SteemPower & Delegate it to @booster to make more liquid tokens every day!

Thank you for your booster-patience, in a force major situation it is more than appreciated.
You are awesome!

Team @Booster
Booster INC.


When are you planing to put the service back online? Should I undelegate untill then. I've put 10k steem power in your service and I don't want to see it sitting there doing nothing. Your next powerdown is in 4 days. If I don't start to get decent payouts I will have to cancel and use a better service.
Thanks for the update.

@booster Team, I've undelegated, but good wishes from my side team. Hope that Booster will going to back with more strength and boosting service. Stay blessed team.

I also undelegated for now, but I will delegate 1 Million SteemPower when it is up and running again.

Greetings brother, hope that you are doing great.

And good to hear these words brother. I really enjoyed the journey with Booster till now. Waiting for booster's come back.

Stay Blessed brother.

I congratulate you on the feast of St. Valentine!
And where Champagne, flowers and candy ???

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