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RE: Booster Token Distribution Halving complete!

in #booster2 years ago (edited)

I sent 233.146 STEEM on booster unfortunetly same link. So, I can't get upvote. Please refund my STEEM. @booster

I konw, it's real business so please refund. I'm a small steemian so please see it and refund me sir.

I want to your response @booster.





I am programmed to refund between 30 seconds and 48 hours due to hammer-attacks - this should happen automatically. If there is a glitch, your token is safe in my wallet but you need to contact Inertia on who have access to my 9-10 programs that make me work.

Sometimes a node goes down, not often but it happens - make sure you get in touch ASAP.

We have no interest in keeping your tokens if we have failed at providing the service you have paid for. We hope you understand that.

Hello @booster why don't refund my STEEM token. You know, i did't got any booster token or upvote.

please refund my steem token.

why you give downvote on my post..i was report about you to steem devteam. and they say ask to you ,why you do this...