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RE: 🍌 Votingbot MonkeySeeMonkeyDo @siditech now refunds invalid bids! Send min 0.1 SBD to @siditech to get an upvote. Plus: Banana! 🍌

in #bot3 years ago

11 hours ago Transfer 0.100 SBD to siditech

i pay you 0.100 and you give me vote just 0.09 this is not fair give me vote otherwise pay back my 0.100sbd


Until now we haven't been listed on the upper section of steembottracker. Please make sure to check how much bids have been sent to @siditech before you use the bot.
To do so you could use .
I will refund you the 0.1 sbd with monkeys pops @sidibeat.