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Hello New MoonBot Astronauts & Current Moonies!

Thank you for subscribing all new Moonies! We are eager to get as many people on the Moonship with that said we have a SPECIAL! We cut the price this week to 1 SBD! or , 1 Steem . Get in while you can!

If you are a current Moonie subscribe to receive updates & get notification of your renewals here.

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We’ll be giving away 5-10 Free Moonbot seats over the week to Moonies who can write a review/ or about why then so wonderful to be taken to the Moon via the Moonship!

How To Start:

  1. Write more than 500 + words and include the MoonBot logo in your post.
  2. Step into our discord Here and say, I want to write about the greatest Moonship review ever!

We'll add you to the list to get a FREE upvotes for a month!

What is MoonBot?

We are the first ever Subscription based upvote bot service on SteemIt. What does this mean?

We will upvote your post, every time you post, within a 24 hour time period. You don't have to do anything, but post. No messy comment spam, or having wait for a bid window to become profitable. Do what you love!, write and earn!

Looking forward to see what you all come up with! To the MOON!

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I was not upvoted yesterday(08/01) and today(08/02).
What happened?

Hi @ronaldoavelino I'll check. User ID the same as your username?

I was just upvoted today, after I told someone at discord...My user ID is my username, I think.

Yes, I see the upvote here:


Hi @moonbot!
2 days ago I transferred 1 SBD, but still did not get upvotes...
my payment:

Hello @panza ! no worries, I'll look into this now and compensate you if there was an issue. Thanks!

Thank you!

Hey, I'm selling the domain Any chance that @moonbot would be interested?

Hi @thekyle interesting and thanks for letting me know. At this point I'll pass ,but if you don't buy a buyer do let me know!

Alright, will do.

Did you find anyone ?

I am currently in talks with someone.

I don't recall when I started with your service but my last vote was 7-29-2018. Has my subscription already expired?

Yes, expired 06/11 . We let it go a few more days to make up for the price decrease.

I thought that was for 3 months. Anyway, I'll keep checking your updates.

We do it month-to-month at the moment. Right now we still have our 1 SBD promo going .

get back to asap pls, @moonbot, your CS-rep on discord is acting like a split personality, forgets what he said yesterday , tries to tell my subscription ended, didnt renew when i paid on 02/08, said he renewed it yesterday, now today i notice the vote is not what agree on, says its expired and the logs off ... i'm the nicest guy always but i feel like he's treating like a moron and i get nervous from that

Already replied. Also, whatever reason it wasn't registering it.