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RE: Bpclan Terms of Service

in #bot3 years ago (edited)

... the bot abuses blacklists from the following accounts ...

so , i ve seen this a few times now, you think its OK to keep peoples money because someone blacklisted them ? you don't think that's stealing ?

i probably get blacklisted for this , ive seen the censorship happen before

seriously do you think that's okay ? just keeping peoples money instead of refunding them ?

i'm not blacklisted anywhere myself but i had a few run-ins, which turned out to be stalking and censorship, and i heard strange stories ... people getting flagged for making a quote from the fucking bible lol or moonbot that bitch DOWNVOTING MY COMMENTS because it was inconvenient after they didnt deliver ...

i dont think it's okay to just keep peoples money , that's pure protection racket, cartel and thievery

it's okay to not like people, and to refuse them service

its NOT okay to keep their money, its high time some of those elderly demented lost their witness seats and delegations

just trying to get some clarity here, i put in a few bids and your bot seems to deliver nicely without loss but if i suddenly find myself not being re-funded over a missed bid or vote with some lame excuse that usually doesn't lead to happy-hippie world so if there's a chance at that i'll just avoid this one in the future.

If somehow its offensive or whatever and i got open bids then just send them back, you don't have to like me and you dont have to render service

you just simply CANT take peoples money like that and keep it or send it through to the protection racket cartel like steemcleaners and cheetah

that's my opinion on the matter


sorry for your issue. Which votes are you having trouble with? I had the bot software crash that was the issue. I'll fix any bids that didnt happen and return the funds. I won't keep people money if they didn't ge the vote.

nah, i didnt miss any, i just read something on blacklists and i know some bots who just forward the money to steemcleaners or one of the protection rackets ... its what ? two weeks ago , sorry for the late reply, all good