🍌HAPPY - HOUR: Votingbot MonkeySeeMonkeyDo @siditech 🍌

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It's Happy Hour eeh.. Happy BANANA TIME!

This is MonkeySeeMonkeyDo, your favorite Steemit-Monkey. And from time to time Monkey want's to throw a little party! To do so Monkey now has a Happy Hour! It's an online-party!
And this is your host:

How will this Happy-Banana-Time work?

For 24 Hours the minimum Bid of @siditech MonkeySeeMonkeyDo will be lowered down to 0.01 SBD which is also the minimum value for a steemit transaction. Also we will be setting down the duration of the Bid-Round down to 1,2 Hours.

By doing that you get a potential ROI of 5600% if you decide to use @siditech MonkeySeeMonkeyDo.

What do I need to do? Not much 🐵

  • Make sure to follow @siditech aka MonkeySeeMonkeyDo to get the latest news like upcoming Happy-Hours.
  • Upvote the latest Happy-Hour announcement post
  • Resteem the latest Happy-Hour announcement post
  • Send at least 0.01 SBD to @siditech with the Post that you want to get voted on as memo.

Next Happy hour starts on:
Friday 30.03.2018 - 10 AM ( UTC +2 aka CEST )
and ends on:
Saturday 31.03.2018 on 10 AM, same timezone.

Vote, Resteem and follow @siditech to take part on this Event!


Writing anything else than code is hard for monkey. Monkey AFK...


Nice feature! definitely gonna check this out!

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