Bot alert 🚨: @echowhale team members

in #bots3 years ago

How does our service work ?

send @echowhale any amount between .250-2 SBD/Steem for an upvote from our team of 5 members

please make sure the post is within the first 5 days of payout .


With every upvote given , you will also receive a reesteem from one of our members “babyechowhale”

Our service is here to help guide you on a better path to success .


It can’t get any better than that !


I just sent one of my posts in to your bot with many thanks to you.

In the post I sent you about bots, it is missing one good point. If you turn the "include curation" button to "on" over at, you will get a more conservative number for what your max bid should be. Then bid lower than that for the good of all.

Good luck to you and so sorry for all the venting. Things are not going to well for me lately and I need to keep my frustrations in better check.

@fitinfun just a heads up my bot is an android half human half bot. Meaning your post will be manually reviewed and then it will be upvoted based on quality and a few other standards.. but honestly your content will be upvoted a 100 percent either way because of my promise to you and the fact that I've looked over your post and you are a quality producing content creator in my opinion. Expect an upvote from echowhale, echosupport and the resteem service by babyechowhale and myself and journeyoflife :) hope your day goes well.

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much. I see the first vote already and it is great ROI all on its own! I cannot tell you how much this means to me. I'll put other posts in as I go through my "normal" routine. I've been working 18 hour days since about November and almost exclusively on steemit. You are giving me hope at a very bad time. My day is much better now, thanks to you.