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Automation is a beautiful thing, people like me need bots. Sure bots get a bad name, but I need them to schedule payouts, provide services in a timely manner, and automate as many tasks as possible. Without bots holders of the TASKMANAGER token wouldn't be able to have this new benefit.

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@t50 will now payout a portion of it's rewards to confirmed TASKMANAGER token holders! Those who have 10 or more TASKMANAGER held in their bitshares wallet qualify to activate this benefit. Please note the bot must make over 10 SBD in income that day to trigger a payout for someone with only 10 TASKMANAGER. Someone holding 50 TASKMANAGER should see a payout triggered when the bot makes over 2.000 SBD or STEEM that day. STEEM may be sold on the internal market before payout to increase SBD payouts. @t50 could really use a delegation or two to increase it's STU, a higher STU means more bids with fuller rounds and higher payouts for everyone!

@hybridbot has seen it's first 24 hours of testing. I am loving the potential of @hybridbot, using idle vote power when the bot has no bids to upvote investors covers a lot of investment issues. Anyone is welcome to join in on testing, but keep in mind this is setup and testing so things may not work as expected.

Depending on the success of @hybridbot, @t50 may change over to the hybrid model. This will have to be decided in the future.

This will be my first post using the steempeak frontend. What I like most about it is the information available on the dashboard.


When I am not testing out this bot behavior, I will be trying out new ways to view and post on the STEEM blockchain. I think this one might be a keeper though.

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@t50 Promotional Bid Bot - Owner

upfundme - Founder / Curator

UpFundMe Premium - Owner / Founder

TASKMANAGER Promotional Services powered by bitshares and steem - Founder

Memearmy Community Bot - Owner

@hybridbot (Alpha) - Membership / bid hybrid upvote and promotion service


@hybridbot deployed in promotion mode!

You got a 93.74% upvote from @hybridbot courtesy of @taskmanager!

To use this service in promotion mode send as little as 0.01 SBD or STEEM with the post you want upvoted as the memo to @hybridbot.
Current Rates
0.010 SBD or STEEM minimum for an upvote
0.050 SBD or STEEM max upvote with resteem
(Rates may change if available Steem Power changes)

This bot is a little different, if you delegate 100 Steem Power or more, you will be added to a idle vote queue. When @hybridbot doesn't have any bids, it will give an upvote on one of it's members posts making use of this idle Steem Power!

That's right, you can get a share of bot payouts daily and upvotes for your posts when the bot is idle! This makes @hybridbot a promotion bid/membership bot in one and maximizes payouts from your Steem Power investment.

This bot is currently in alpha testing, users of this service acknowledge things may go wrong!

Thats cool. Is hybrid bot open source or did you build it?

Isn't mine, using postpromoter and communitybot together, adjusting behavior of the two via config and js modification allowing synergy.

1st known issue will be no refunds, if refunds were on someone could trick communitybot into giving membership while postpromoter refunds it as an invalid bid.

Is this the community bot: I use postpromoter for my testbot. Sometimes I come up with ideas that end up working and maybe I can help with this.

You got a 100.00% upvote from @votefun thanks to @rishi556!

You got a 100.00% upvote from @votefun thanks to @rishi556!

You got voted by @votefun thanks to Princess. We are still in early alpha, users can use us to get free upvotes. This is mainly directed towards users of the @cryptowithincin bot. We are in a few discord servers. To get full benefits, you have to be subscribed to @cryptowithincin. To support us, you can delegate to @votefun or just give this comment a upvote.

You got a 87.37% upvote from @t50 courtesy of @tmholdings!

Anyone can use this service by sending a minimum of 0.010 SBD or STEEM to @t50 with the post you want upvoted as the memo.

Consider investing Steem Power to receive daily payouts from bot income.
10 SP, 25 SP, 50 SP, 75 SP, 100 SP, 125 SP, 150 SP, 200 SP, 250 SP, 300 SP, 350 SP, 400 SP, 450 SP, 500 SP, 600 SP, 700 SP, 800 SP, 900 SP, 1000 SP or use the delegation manager. At any time you can get your investment back by undelegating.


@upfundme and #upfundme
TASKMANAGER bitshares token
@hybridbot - bid/membership hybrid bot
@memearmy meme support community bot

You got a 100.00% upvote from @votefun thanks to @rishi556!

Hi can you add me in whitelist for upfundme premium.