Yep! I can always blame poor photos on mosquitoes!

You sure can they are a very annoying , distracting insect i hate them i want to kill them all :)

Hey Melinda who is this @capslock that is appearing on the leaderboard he has not even been active for 8 months how does he get to be on the leaderboard ??

He is sending out a copy and paste comment to everyone. He will be blocked soon.

There is always got to be a clown in the show so can we red flag :)

eSteem doesn't tolerate spammers!

This is true gone with you spammer , i just checked his been taken out of action not on the list anymore :)

Anytime you see someone misusing eSteem you can go into the eSteem Discord Channel and mention it in 'Abuse'. @esteemapp is very responsive and they do not tolerate cheaters!

Will do my friend :)

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