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Mount Wellington is covered with big, big boulders.

I left Hawaii for Australia on my big walkabout and while I still have many Hawaiian photos to post, this marks the start of the Australian photos.


Mount Wellington has spectacular boulders and it's constantly creating more from its pinnacles, natural columns of rock, that split and fall.


Wellington Park
Pinnacle (geology)


Photos taken with my Canon SX620 HS on Mount Wellington, Tasmania, Australia

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Your walkabout is taking you to amazing beautiful places @kansuze! :-)
Love these boulders you found, they look so majestic and ancient. Loads
of lichens, wear and tear, they must of witnessed a lot in there time!

When I put together a post on Mount Wellington, you're going to see that it's almost all boulders and very high...

Great photos!
I really liked the boulders!

Those rocks look familiar: Australia was once part of the landmass of Gondwanaland so we share a similar geology

That's interesting. There is something peculiar about these that I'm still researching but I have since flown across the country and I landed at my B&B in Perth with no WiFi!

Beautiful boulders. This is in Australia ? The news makes the fires look very bad. Is it getting better over there ? We are expecting a big snow storm here in Ottawa today. Not many of those yet this year. Very strange winter. Very mild so far.

I left Ottawa on Jan 9th when it was 21 C. Yes, this is Mount Wellington in Tasmania.

The news focus has shifted to rebuilding. There are still fires but they have had some rain and, believe it or not, flooding along the eastern coast of Australia this morning. The building standards have been morphing to more fire retardant materials in recent years and one of the stranger things they are doing is insisting that trees and undergrowth be cleared within a certain distance of houses, meaning you can't really have a beautiful tree surrounded home. Instead, you see houses surrounded by brown lawn. The changes seem driven by the insurance companies.

One of the many problems is trees that shed their bark. It makes for great kindling.

Wow.... I wonder if I have planted too many trees around my house now. A forest of pines, spruce and fir. I am keeping them all pruned though so that none are over 15’ tall.... did you know you could prune an everGreen so that it stays 16’ tall ? I learned at a Christmas Tree Farm out in North Gower.

I pruned the pine in my backyard for the first time 2 summers ago after googling how. It was growing far too fast for the space.

Yep.... it’s great at 1st .... they can grow 4’ a year.... so a 2’ seedling can be 10’ in 3 years... if it’s really happy in its soil. But if you let it keep going it will go to 100 ’ before you know it. ... mine have been growing for 20 years and if I had not pruned the tops at 20’ they would now all be 80’ tall and hanging over all my neighbors yards.... making lots of shade and pine needles.

I pruned the top while I could still reach it since mine is in the backyard of a townhouse. If it becomes too much of a hassle it might become a Christmas tree, but I would hate to do that.