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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #bouldersunday with
thanks to @shasta

This large boulder only has a bit of the surface showing.
Located in Vancouver's Stanley Park.
DSC_3172 (2)aaa.jpg

DSC_3171 (2).jpg


Whoa that is a huge lovely boulder @karbon! Makes those
big trees and stumps look tiny! Thank you for sharing
this beauty! :-)

Thanks @shasta It is a big one...

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Wow, nice Vancouver's Stanley Park big boulders photos.

Thank you!

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That is a nice solid Boulder! Good one for #bouldersunday!

Thanks @melinda010100
It’s big enough for sure....

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I was gifted 20 steem by mistake, so I was going to tip some low rep who deserves a tip... any recommendations??

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What a fun mistake to receive! Take your time and you will find good ways to use it! You might want to invest it in your own account so that you can give out bigger votes, or send it to tipu so that you can send lots of tips!

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