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Hello Steemians

Welcome to the excellent #bouldersunday with
thanks to @shasta

It's low tide along the seawall walkway in Vancouver's Stanley Park
and numerous boulders are now exposed.
DSC_3113 (3).jpg


Boulders that peak out to enjoy the view!

Nice boulders photography along the seawall walkway in Vancouver's Stanley Park.

Thank you, it’s one of the nicest walks you can take.

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Very nice! I was just there about a week ago.

Thanks, The pic is from July, such an amazing park for being in a city... Glad to see your still hanging around Steem....

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Gorgeous view them boulders have @karbon! :-)
How high does the tide come up on the wall there?

Thanks @shasta the walkway is about 8 miles and it’s all lined with boulders
The water comes up to almost the top, and over if there is a storm...

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