Boulder Sunday

#bouldersunday created by @shasta

I came across this boulder years ago on a trip through the Alps in France. I know I have posted this picture before but there may be some of you who have not seen it yet, and I think it is a pretty incredible boulder!


I have to assume that the boulder was there first!

Shadow Photo Contest Round 48- Arched Shadows

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Thanks, luv!

Thanks! It is always nice to hear from you!

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Looks like they built the house to hold the boulder in place :)

I really wish I knew the story!

Si antes la habías publicado no lo había visto,estoy impresionada de esta foto sra @melinda010100 demasiada bella saludos

I'm so glad you like it! Thanks!

If there is ever an earthquake, that house is done for.

Right? I would not sleep well!

It looks like the house stopped the boulder from rolling down the hill. Nice picture though. :-)

It does look like that, doesn't it!

Now that's a boulder! She is magnificent @melinda010100 amd I'm glad you re-posted it as I'm sure I would have remembered such a magnificent sight.

I am assuming your assumption is correct........and that the boulder was there before the house. (lol) Very picturesque surroundings. (U & R )

I wish I had a way to check and see what I have posted before! Who knows, maybe the last time I posted it was on TSU!

It is an amazing boulder though, isn't it?

An amazing boulder and a fabulous capture Melinda.

Thanks! Isn't it crazy?

Holy moly! That's a house beside it? Dang. lol. Now THAT'S a boulder! I think that's the biggest one I've ever seen. You could step out your back door and practice your rock climbing.

Right? I would not sleep well at night!

yeah, I'd have dreams of that thing rolling! And it's on a hill but I guess not a big enough slant to move it.

It has probably been there for tens of thousands of years, and the house could have been there for several hundred, so maybe they figure if it hasn't rolled by now they don't have to worry!

haha! I'm sure you're right. Was that in France that you saw that on one of your visits?

Yes. We had been high in the Alps and this was on a small road that was full of switchbacks and took us past numerous waterfalls and into a valley below Alpe d'huez. I had to pull off the road to get a shot of this scene!

wow that sounds wonderful Melinda! Did you go to France more than once, I think you said it was your favorite place to go?

Several times. It is a beautiful country! In 2003 and 2004 I spent a total of six months there.

That looks scary, it looks like that big rock is going down every minute, crushing the house.

I would not sleep well in that house!

I would not sleep at all.

Yeow! That is one heck of a boulder 💎 @melinda010100!
Very awesome photograph! I guess they are not to
worried, maybe the other side of it looks more stable
and less leaning tower of rock on this side lol

I was just talkin about you and saying that you had not posted today. I was hoping that you were not getting more bad weather. Glad to see that you're connected. Glad you like the boulder! I'm guessing that the rock has been there for many many many many years.

Heck of a wind break that boulder!
Talking about me huh, I thought my
ears were burning lol
We did get another dumping and
another today, all that talk about not
having any snow ya know ;-)
The good part is it's fluffy snow and
not the heavy wet stuff.
Thank you so much for thinking of
us ❤ @melinda010100!

@erikah was saying there were people in Romania without power as the result of a snowstorm that they had. I mentioned that you had had snow and had lost power. That led to a conversation about how each of us would stay warm without electricity. I assume you have a wood stove?

They say that one piece of wood can warm
you up many times, take a piece of wood go
up stairs and throw it out the window, run
down and pick it up and repeat until your
warm lol
Really tho between chopping, splitting
and burning etc, it can kinda warm you
more than once :-)

Power was out for 1,500 customers, a few
miles the other way had power. All that shaking
from the quake a few weeks ago and it stayed on.
Im betting someone hit a pole or something.

Woodstove, generator and warm puppies ❤

We used to heat with wood. I remember all the ways that it warms you up very well!

I'm glad you guys have a generator though. You do live in a part of the world where cold can be a killer! I bet you spend more time keeping your puppies warm then they do warming you up!

That is quite the boulder! I'm not sure I would have chosen THAT side for my house. Yikes!

If you look closely it appears that the roof has been modified to accommodate the boulder. I really do wonder what that's all about.

Oh my! It does. One little shake and there goes that boulder rolling. I would play it safe and build on the other side of it.

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To add to that, its downhill too. Oh my!

I truly hope that rock stays in place!

Hello, friend. Honestly I just saw this, a big stone side by side with the house. Is there the first stone or a house !? The picture is beautiful for me to enjoy.
Thanks for this @melinda010100

It would be fun to know which came first! I don't have an answer for you. I hope they built the house beside the rock intentionally. Otherwise it would be a pretty scary scenario!

Pretty brave people living in that stone house you wouldn't want that boulder to lose it's footing and end up crashing the little stone :)

I think you are right. They must be very brave people!

Haha get the picture i will give that one a :)

I am glad you posted again, because I haven't see it before and this is quite the specimen!!! For a second I was wondering why they would build their house under it, but then I realized that the boulder is most likely protecting the house from the water elements. Hopefully it's going to stay like that forever, lol.

Beautiful shot Melinda :)

Thanks, Lena! It is certainly an attention getting building site!

Thanks, Lena! It is
Certainly an attention
Getting building site!

                 - melinda010100

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Always a pleasure my Dear 🌸💖🌸

Wow, that is indeed incredible boulder and picture!

Thanks! When I came across it in my photo archives I immediately thought of #BoulderSunday!

Wow, wow, wow! Never seen anything like this. Personally, I assume the stone cottage was there first and stopped that thing from rolling down the mountain! :)

I didn't find a boulder for @shasta this week, but I'm resteeming this to spread the word around some more.

Hahaha! Yeah. The boulder rolled down hill and the cottage stopped it, and only suffered a little roof damage in the process! Thanks so much for the resteem! I see eSteem votes are back to normal tonight. You are the only person that I know of who mentioned the problem. Thanks for making them aware!

Hehe... I'm all about the money, honey! :)

I will remind you one more time to enter the Advent Contest! I have won some nice SP and all you have to do is make a comment!

Thank you... I know. I keep looking and for some reason can't think of anything to say. You know me, I don't like to say much ;) I'll take another look.

That boulder is enormous, wow, it makes the home look like an elves home. Merry Christmas Melinda, much love to you for the holiday season and all year through. xoxoxo ♥

Thanks so much for your sweet wishes! They really do have their own personal mountain, don't they? I hope your holidays are lovely and that next year is an exciting one for all of us!

Ha! That's a cool shot. It looks as if that little stone structure is about to become a pancake!

It does look like it's in danger, doesn't it?

Oh boy, that's an impressive boulder!

Do you think someone actually lives in that house?

If I recall correctly it was being used as a barn. I would not sleep well in there!

Ah ok! I doubt anyone would remain sane for long by sleeping there. :)

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