Boulder Sunday drone boulder extravaganza!

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Hope you like drone photos of boulders... if so, today is your day.

Lots of #drone photos! Nice!

Nothing is more science that drone photos of rocks, hence the #steemstem today. Tech + photography = modelling...

@shasta has a nice #bouldersunday hashtag and today we take the air, get up in the drone and take some shots...

Lots of boulders and mountains... ;)

Boulders, Boulders, everywhere, best place to see them?
From the air!

A new prospective from the ground... a drone preflight image. I like the prop in the shot.

From the air you can see the trail is there, tiny, but still smaller than the big, huge, massive boulders for boulder Sunday!

Have a great day and hope you like this #dronephotography #drone #unfilted photography.

Original work by @snowyknight


Wow! Impressive vista with big rocks everywhere! Huge mountains with wide horizon! I wish I could fly around there on my magic carpet!

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Thanks! I wish I had a magic carpet?

May I use yours someday?

Aha! You have got to learn to think in Thai language! This magic carpet cannot understand foreign languages!

Yeow there is some major boulders going on there @snowyknight! :-)
These are fantastic photographs! So wild and boulder lishious! lol
Look at all that ground up boulder material run off the mountains!

One of my fav #bouldersunday posts ever! ;)

Thanks for stopping by... big boulder-filled mountains!

Have a nice one @shasta!