DeStream - The global decentralized financial system for Streamer

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A. What is the vision of DeStream?

Destream wants to establish a global, decentralized financial platform for online markets, in order to maximize productivity, diversify operations, and leverage existing capital resources most effectively.

B. What's special about DeStream?

Destream wants to resolve the issues related to the streaming industry between sponsors (advertisers, sponsors and audiences) and recipients (players / promoters). ). How to minimize the cost and time most quickly through the blockchain technology currently.

C. How does Destream work?

Their team want to build a feature-rich platform to receive donations on low commisions with decentralization and blockchain technology. Therefore, Destream can decrease the commission fee from 10% (other streaming platforms) to 0.77% so that the streamers’ income can increase significantly.

Symbol: DST
Platform: Ethereum (for ICO), Stratis (for the platform)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
Hard Cap: $12 million

F. Strengths

Only need a wallet for all transactions;

By using our smart contract providers, users can control and distribute rewards and penalties explicitly. In addition, with the launch of an internal smart deal, the relationship between viewers, broadcasters and advertisers can be guaranteed in a transparent manner;

Advertisers can direct ad position data, as the DeStream ecosystem will include an analytics interface based on user data;

Deploying internal services, users can purchase goods and use the service more conveniently.

G. Weakness:

  • Users should carefully review the list of vendors in the system that accepts DST as a payment currency.

  • DeStream claims to combine with existing users to issue bank cards that allow withdrawals in fiat. However, banks that support this type of gateway are very rare in the current situation.

H. Possession of DST, you can get some benefits as follow:

  • Contribute

  • Get digital goods and services

  • Get rewards from advertisers

  • Buy any merchandise in the affiliate chain

  • Pay for services in the ecosystem

  • Performing internal P2P activities

I. Conclusion
In sum, this project has incredible goals and plans for the future and a very well-known team that inspires confidence. One of the most promising and successful projects to date! Check more information of Destream at:

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One of the most promising and successful projects to date

I like the tokenomics

Thanks for sharing.

I feel exciting about this project