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Hey my steemian friends! It's time for yet another BAND-AID fight talk, this time a special edition version that talks about a special fighter who almost lost his life in an unfortunate car accident. He survived with a fractured neck and lived to train and fight again, and actually becomes champion after the accident.

Here's the movie trailer for those of you who enjoy watching previews for your upcoming movies:


Thanks @jamie-smith for your movie review of Bleed for This baby!

I'm glad that the guy made a comeback , and a good one at that.

Btw, I think he goes by this name now - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinny_Paz

YES! That is his name now. The nicknamed him the PAZ manian devil, I believe. And yes, what a comeback it was. Actually won titles before and after the tragic accident that fractured his neck. The latest title was at even a higher weight class. Also, in the movie it was emphasized that Vinny never ever did any kind of drygs in his whole life, not even pain killers when he was having the halo removed from his head after the accident. I felt like Vinny Paz was a guy that deserves a post to be made about him on steemit.com!!