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Amir Khan VS. Billy Dib

A complete mismatch, Billy Dib 45-6 26 KOs, looked to be a much smaller man fighting too far out of his natural weight class. From the opening bell it was obvious that every single punch that Amir Khan 34-5 21 KOs landed, was a telling punch and the impact would rock back the head of Dib, whereas Khan was able to walk through the punches of the much smaller Dib, with little to no reaction.

A second round knockdown came from a reaching left hook from Dib, that was easily countered by Amir Khan, who counter with a left hook of his own. From this moment on Dib was in survival mode and doing everything he could to spoil the fight, holding, grabbing and using footwork to slow the pace of the fight.

A flurry of body punches in the fourth round, put Dib on the canvas once again and his corner decided they had see enough and threw in the towel, not wanting to see their fighter receive anymore punishment.

A victory for Khan, if you can call it that, he beat up a much smaller opponent who had taken the fight at two weeks notice, doesn't really tell us much and it should have no effect on the rankings.

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