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RE: If You Care About Steem, Stop Using Steemit

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People get rewarded for imposing their opinions on others while countless of great content goes unnoticed. Everyone's busy circle voting their friends to regurgitate content about steem. The money grab is appalling.

There is nothing wrong with the interface. Everyone's pretty safe since we're using keychain. I use al the time. when I want clarity, I use

Sorry, but I don't subscribe to your opinion.


Not even that, people are getting rewarded for criticizing ned and Steemit, INC. and when I did it two years ago, I was too toxic and too negative, and people turned their backs on me lol.

Never tell people what they need to hear, tell them what they already know. That way, you become popular. Otherwise you're just a toxic truth teller, and no one likes that.

True. thing is, you called out this BS a long time ago, and i remember reading your post about quitting because of how toxic this place had gotten. Who'd have thought it would get worse. lol

The minority who do not support the witnesses' actions are being flagged and called out in various communities. Censorship