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RE: If You Care About Steem, Stop Using Steemit

Isn't Busy abandoned? You can't even upload photos there anymore. Why are you telling people to go somewhere that won't be there in the future? No front end has any sort dependability that's why I use steemit. They make a percent of the pool, therefore I trust it to continue existing long after whoever runs steempeak quits. They all quit, the chainbbs and the dlives, I only trusted Steemit to be there tomorrow. How many non updated Dapps are there? The health of the steemit ecosystem is 100 percent linked to the health of No matter how much people repeat the steem isn't steemit mantra.
Witnesses should have forked away Ned's stake when Ned still owned it, waiting until someone else bought it to do anything is a dick move. This place was run was run by a bunch of greedy ned fanboy witnesses who stood bye and did nothing while Ned got stinking rich


Thank you voice of reason.. There are like 6 of us left

Thank God I found u guys I thought I was alone( 7 now :) )

Completely agree about this mess caused by the people running the show messing up big time

The steemit funds should have either been coded as non voting or such ( not a programmer) or treated no different to any other steem owned by anybody else otherwise who's wallet is next?

Running a business relying solely on somebody's promise that they won't do a runner with a bag of swag well we all see how that ends.
It seems we might be better off if there is a bit of a shift of power as we could do with a bit of a tidy up and certain issues being
clarified like the selfvote/bot vote issue (best remove the option( my opinion)
And quite a few more