Foods that help improve Memory

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Hey everyone, I'm continuing the mind/memory series. We are up to Chapter 6. Check out my prior posts to learn more methods that Kevin Horsley utilizes from his book, Unlimited Memory, to tap into your brain to help you improve learning and remembering. Lets get to today's chapter...

In prior chapters we learned how to take information and bring it to life by creating pictures and movies in our mind. Now we need to learn to create files for pictures and incorporate it into our long term memory. Before we do this, we need to fuel up our brain with proper nutrition. Kevin mentions 14 super foods that have been shown to improve your vitality and keep your mind agile and alert. The 14 super foods are as follows:

Grainy bread
Dried fruit
Blue berries
Brussels sprouts
Sweet potatoes

Kevin also gives an illustration on how to memorize these 14 super foods. If anyone requests it, I will make a post about how to memorize these 14 super foods. Kevin states the secret to accelerated learning is superior organization. The more order you put and into a subject, the easier it will be to remember. Organize information more clearly and therefore, you will be using more of your memory power and potential.

Well that is all for now. I hope you enjoyed and learned something new. I will see you soon. Thanks for stopping by.