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Be Brave, Be Strong Even When Its Uncomfortable. Take a few minutes and focus on this message to start your day! Get comfortable, drop your shoulders, take a deep breath, become fully present, close your eyes and listen.

I used to think being brave meant feeling completely confident. I wanted to feel certain, self assured and powerful. I have felt those things but I have also felt scared, uncomfortable and totally discombobulated and yet I am still bravely moving forward. ‬

I had two things begin when I was 8 years old, IBS and esophageal spasms. Stress related reactions from my body. I was full of anxiety but I didn’t know it. What I felt was “normal” so it was hard for me to understand that my body could or should feel calm.

I was in my early thirties before I gained control and experienced relief from these stress reactions. My body began to calm and my mind stopped racing. Through this process I got very familiar with what feels good in the body and what doesn’t. I learned a lot about working with painful memories intentionally to heal and also what it was like to use painful memories to hurt myself.

The vast majority of humans today will never step into their painful past to release it. They will never choose to go deeper than the surface to heal what lays beneath. I understand, trust me I do. It’s so uncomfortable and it requires you to be brave in spite of all your body is experiencing.

There are moments in life when I feel like a rockstar. Sure I am totally brave in some of those moments. These moments however are not the moments that really need me to be brave. When my insides feel like they are turned outside, that’s when I need to be brave. When I wade through the muck to see the truth within myself, I really need to be brave then.

Brave and uncomfortable actually go hand in hand because these moments of fear require you to be brave to move through them. They can be so uncomfortable but that’s exactly why we avoid them. When your life changes drastically from a death or disability you can collapse or find your brave. You can feel all the uncomfortable feelings that arrive with fear and you can still choose to be brave.

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Great post. We need to be strongest the most when it's uncomfortable.

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