Sourdough #3 (fail) and finally #4 Success!

in #breadbakers2 years ago

Last weeks bake was another fail, but only because it wasn't thoroughly baked and maybe a bit over proofed.
I've used the same recipe again: 270g 100% hydration starter, 300g white wheat flour, 40g whole wheat flour, 200g water and 7g salt; and I've cheated a bit by using a handheld mixed to knead the dough.
It had a 16 hours fridge proof time and it raised beautifully half way through the bake time, none of my previous tries have done this.


And as you can see it was still a bit raw inside.

And now for the #4 attempt.
I've finally had a successful bake! Whoop whoop!

Same recipe again, the only difference is baking time.


There still are a few things I need to improve, the crust was way too thick/hard/burnt, but otherwise it was a great bread. Lovely tangy flavour!

For the next one I will make a smaller loaf so it's easier to cook through and maybe remove it from the Dutch oven after the first half of the bake.



Looks good! I hope you soon will get a perfect bread every time in your dutch oven :)

Thanks! That's my hope as well, heh! I need to get the plain/basic one ironed out and then I can start to play around with other recipes.

Yeah! Congratulations! Looks beautiful and tasty 😋

Thank you! I'm getting there!

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