Sourdough (fail) #2

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This is another go at baking a nice and fluffy sourdough bread from the beer starter and ... I kinda failed again, heh.

The recipe I used was 270g 100% hydration starter, 300g white wheat flour, 40g whole wheat flour, 200g water and 7g salt.

Before kneading.

After kneading and folding 3 times every 45 mins.

Formed (I think I've added too much flour during the folding process)

Left to retard in the fridge(only 6 hrs so this might be one of the mistakes).

Didn't really rise at all and it flattened qutie a bit in the bowl I've used. Scoured it as well.

I tried baking it without using a dutch oven with a tray of water underneath. The water tray was a thin one so by the time I put it in the oven it lost its heat so it didn't steam at the start. I think this sealed the crust and that's why it did not open at all. There as a little rise at the bottom.

Unfortunately this was slightly under baked, could have done with 10 minutes more probably. Did get some holes and I can't say it was dense but it's still not there yet, hence the fail. I did eat it all over the next few days, heh.

Hopefully, next time it'll be better and I'll lose the fail tag.



I think it looks lovely. I don't like open crusts anyway.
As you depend completely on the germs in the beer it's not your fault.
Keep on playing with this recipe and one day it will be perfect.

It looks good on the outside and it probably smelled fantastic when it was baking. That will have to be sufficient reward until you get the recipe right.

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Thanks! It did get eaten, heh :D

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