Irish bread gets me every time! So delish!

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Okay, I bought a small loaf of Irish Bread the other day. Knowing my weakness for eating this bread-lovers treat, I immediately froze half the loaf.


I knew darn well it wasn't going to make it frozen for too long! I took that ziplock bag out the following day :))


Sad to say, I never even got a picture of the entire loaf. I was too excited to bust open the bag, eat a few slices, and quickly take that half of loaf out to freeze, so I have a chance of not eating the whole loaf. (I could do it!)


My favorite way to eat Irish bread? Just as is. No butter, no toasting, no jelly.
However, I eat with all of the above as well! haha

Okay, so it's once a year. Just like Christmas time is once a year for Panettone bread (the Italian sweet bread that I also attack when opened, but I have a while before I have to be concerned with that bread inhalation!)

Seeing how it's snowing today, and my landlord had a new stove installed, and it's still not St. Patty's Day yet, I just may bake an Irish bread later. Stay tuned for how much I eat of that! Other than that, I'll stick to eating the right portions and fruits and veggies as best as I can :)

And, I'll also post the recipe I use! Might even include some snow pictures from my window as this nor'easter comes our way to New England. Stay Safe!


@lyndsaybowes This is Irish bread. I'll post my own later after I make it and the recipe! :))

Oooh my goodness, yes please!! Hey we got the nor'easter here too, no snow yet, but the winds are out of control and we may lose power shortly. I see raisins in that bread mmmmmmm!!!!!!!!

Here's the Irish Bread (My former mother-in-law's recipe that she used. She's passed away but made this every year way back when):
2 & 1/2 C flour
1/2 C butter
1/2 C raisins
3/4 C milk
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
2 tblsps sugar
3 tblsps vinegar

Sift flour and 4 dry ingredients. Add butter and raisins. Mix. Make a well and add milk and vinegar. Stir with a fork until moist. Knead for 8-10 minutes. Make bread in round shape. Bake in 8" greased pie plate. Can cut across side to side and brush with milk to brown, if desired. 15 minutes at 400, then 30 minutes at 375. (or check sooner if done) :))

Enjoy if you make this, Lyndsay. I'll have to wait until my over works correctly. And I didn't have vinegar so it was just as well. Maybe in a couple of days!

Thank you soooooo much!!! I will make it this week and let you know how it went Anna!!

Yay!! I'm hoping to make it over the weekend. I think my stove is just burning off junk from the factory. I'm going to open the windows Saturday morning and get it working right!

Oh no, I hope you don't lose power or if you do, not for long. You said it was so windy this winter! It doesn't seem to go away!

It's windy here too but I have power as of now. Only thing is, my new oven isn't working right. My landlord is going to call the store. I can still put the recipe on this post. I'll get it and write it here in case you have power and want to make one.

I'll have to wait to make mine :(( Though my belly is better off without it for now! lol

Yup, plenty of raisins in Irish Bread! yum!!

Mmmmm well I definitely will be keeping my eyes open for that recipe! Sorry to hear about your friggin oven...that sucks!

Answered above, but I think it's just new factory burn off. Will open windows and get it working on Saturday when I'm off!

Sweetheart @lyndsaybowes, you coming home?

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