Happy independence day for United Kingdom & Gibraltar

in #brexit-herolast year (edited)

We did it! Today is Brexit day. I've had three of my five big Ben brexit bongs. It feels so good to be finally escaping from the E.U. institution. The 20s is going to be the decade of (Boris) Johnsonism. Should be a pretty groovy decade with our Queen only a few years from a never before seen in all of history first time historical platinum jubilee. We going to be celebrating so much.

So glad to have that guy Ver Hofstadt's sticky hands finally out of my life. The bureaucrats have lost and they will not steal our internet memes so easily with their petty EU internet censor laws. We gonna kick the EU corporations so hard with our Johnson Trump deals. Trump goin unite the whole Western World Yo! With his 4D chess and sweet deals. Always the sweetest best deals.

So good. My spirit is going to feel so free at 110pm GMT.

I can already see a change in the country. Ever since the vote it was as if magic gears were slowly being put into place by her majesty the Queen herself who is an ardent Brexit hero, as she wanted her sovereignty back yo, especially before the mega platinum Jubilee.

Don't worry other countires trapped in the E.U. The UK & Gibraltar will come back for you all. We will save you by showing you the way with the Trump deals. We will end that guy Ver Hoffstadt and all other other unelected corporate elites. Boris and Trump will drain the swamp.

Peace & Love,

Brexit Hero

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