BrikBit: The Blockchain Backed Real Estate Game Changer

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It is no brainer that the blockchain revolution is not stopping at sending and receiving those invisible coins called cryptos; it is a real deal also in the investment end and BrikBit is in the forefront to demystify the real estate sector by making it easy for everyone to have access to the lucrative industry.

Investors have been exploring safe and secure ways to invest and trade. With the added security layers that blockchain comes with, it is now easy to get access to financial facilities that not many cold access eight years ago. BrickBit is a new market entrant seeking to help the digital money holder trade seamlessly and well as invest in rea estate and related real world assets.

What Makes BrickBit Stand Out?

Apart from the innovative brilliance of the startup, any real estate transactions performed are not restricted to a specific geographical location. As long as you are a participant in the platform, you are free to transact with other fellow participants and every transactions is secure and a lot of transparency goes into the entire process.

There are many investors spread across the globe who have been yearning to invest in real estate in different countries and with the current industry bottlenecks, the process is so complicated and the middle man makes things even difficult for the investor. There is no trust, transparency and you are not sure whether your funds are in a safe pair of hands and that is where BrickBit comes in handy.

Once you become a participant in the ecosystem, the rest is done for you thanks to the robust infrastructure behind BrickBit. The system does everything from managing, restructuring and maintaining your property. Simply put, the system acts like your properties’ landlord.

Key BrikBit Features

The beauty of BrikBit takes care of all real estate processes from development and other operational functions. As a participant on the ecosystem, you can automate and disseminate information across the network. The system makes it easy for collection of funds and overall management.

The outfit targets prime properties fir their community and as a member, you stand a chance of taking part in a network that has a guaranteed value and good capital traction. It is the missing link between the landlord and companies that own properties for a better working relationship.

The system help in property sourcing, valuating, surveying and conveyancing among others ad this makes the acquisition process fuss free. The system covers all administrative and legal fees. Due to its transparent nature, there are no hidden costs or middlemen.

BrikBit Benefits

The entry point to participate in the project is very affordable given the value proposition the system is anticipated to offer. With the price under $1, you can get yourself enough shares and grow from there. The more you stock up on the coin the more you stand to get reasonable 10% annual profits on what you invest.

According to the BrikBit whitepaper, your investment will in the long run build the native token, BRIK value and you do not have to worry about the cryptocurrency volatility as you are well cushioned. You re guaranteed of gains whether the market is bleeding or blossoming. What’s more; the innovative technology offers you enough security for your funds and all your transactions are anonymous. 

BrikBit Project Verdict

Investing in prime property has a many potential benefits and as an investor, your goal should be the end gains. The project looks promising and has guarantee on return on investment. However, you need to be wary of the current real estate which requires substantial capital even for the low entry investors, an issue that might put off some would-be investors. 

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