Broadcast myself to be a new witness of GREAT STEEM

in #broadcast-witness3 years ago (edited)

I am writing my first post in a city called Brisbane of Australia, I live happy life here, you are all welcome to come and visit to enjoy beautiful sunshine and amazing beaches!

The reason I join this community is to expand the influence of STEEM in Australia, as when I look at the distribution of nodes across the world, there is absolutely zero node list in Australia.

I feel obligated to expand this amazing crypto-currency community to Australia, let more people to recognize the value STEEM offers, and popularize STEEM in my society.

Right now, I just graduated and do not have much money, and just provide the below server to STEEM community, and I will dedicate to try my best to maintain the server and be a reliable witness, I guarantee.

Google Cloud n1-standard-4
4 vCPU (Intel Broadwell)
15 GB memory
200GB storage disk

Looking forward to your votes: @songcaoxian