@broadcast helping minnows with good content.

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We just finished our first month, and now looking good so far moving to it's 2nd month on the project.

A brief story of @Broadcast project. We have 2 working services.

The 1st service is the heart and soul of @broacast upvoting minnows and author with good content.
And the 2nd service as Steem Faucet, where minnows can use $upvote [link] to receive an upvote. Please check the #post-promotion channel where our members benefit using our service. You got to try it out, visit us at https://SteemChat.com and login using your discord account, go to #start-here to read a short guide.

I keep asking some people to delegate Steem Powers (SP) to @broadcast to support it's objective of helping minnows but they all want free give away but not helping it to grow.

It will grow itself with a little push from @yehey Steem Power delegation, slow but it's moving. By the way, please vote @yehey as your Witness. Here's the link, https://on.king.net/witness click and vote.

If you know someone with high Steem Powers (SP), introduce @broadcast service to them and persuade to help up by delegation of SP to @broadcast project.
I created a shortcut URL (https://on.king.net/broadcast100sp) to donate 100 SP to @broadcast project, please share it to family and friends.

Cheers for now.
@broadcast up voting minnows with good post.


Nice! I fully support this and will join in on the efforts! Full upvote and resteem. thanks for sharing and caring =)

Thank you for checking out. Please vote @Yehey for Witness. Here's the link, https://on.king.net/witness click and vote.

Just came across this post. I will follow and support.

Thank you, would be nice to vote my owner @yehey for Witness. Here's the link, https://on.king.net/witness click and vote.

Nice post. I followed and upvote you. So please follow back and upvote me.Thanks

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