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$BBET Barbooth Bet token 🎲|The first peer to peer dice game on BSC network for gambling | Public Sale V2 27th of June|No KYC betting | Farming option |

Barbooth Bet has some cool features that no other gambling platform has:

No Registration Needed

Because it's on the BSC network no registration or KYC is required. You can play the game by just connecting your wallet.

Full Transparency

Every game that is played on the application is stored on the BSC network. So you can check out your past games and re-calculate them for verification.

No Deposits

BarboothBet doesn't need any deposits to play the game. Tokens are directed to the smart contract at game launch and remain in the contract until the game is over. When a game is over or canceled funds will be routed to the winning player or players

Token Free

On BarboothBet you can play one of the listed tokens that you want.

🎲$BBET token is not a mintable and ownable token and it is powering the BarboothBet functionalities. Currently, it is used for:

Generating automated rooms for no wait time

But not only that. In the future, BBET will be used for other game types and functionalities.

What I can do with BBET?

You can play barbooth with BBET at BarboothBet without waiting for an opponent

You can stake your BBET-BNB LP's to the farm to gain more BBET and play more.


Symbol: BBET

Contract Address: 0xea3a4094c463fd2e7fe10414d6c5d4b8accf012b

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

The Public Sale V2 is a new type of fair launch that will take place on the 27th of June. First come first serve based sale strategy

The user buys the desired amount of tokens with BNB according to a price that equals DEX price, without a price impact from the PublicSaleV2 contract.

  • %80 of the received BNB's gets liquidated in Apeswap BBET-BNB pair 💸.

  • %20 of the received BNB's used for buy-back and burn 🔥.

  • Price recalculates after each buy according to Apeswap prices

  • Tokens are immediately transferred to the buyer.

These actions happen in the same transaction.

Here is a sample transaction of a buy action with PublicSaleV2

Example Transaction ​https://testnet.bscscan.com/tx/0x6c194afa722e75a616dd1e063087e72e587ee367140125940f013d37720dcbac​

Farming BBET

Farms are great ways to gain BBET token on BarboothBet

Farms require you to stake LP tokens from pancakeswap, which you then stake in the Farm to earn BBET tokens. This lets you earn BBET while still keeping a position in your other tokens!

More info here: https://docs.barbooth.bet/products/farms

Barbooth Game is a P2P Provably Fair Decentralized dice game on the BSC network.

For more details on how to play visit: https://docs.barbooth.bet/products/barbooth-game/how-to-play

For more details on how it works visit: https://docs.barbooth.bet/products/barbooth-game/how-it-works


🌐Website: https://barbooth.bet/

🔈Telegram: t.me/barboothbet

🕊Twitter: '@barbooth_bet

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