Mecenas Hackathon Exploit Bounty

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We want to make sure our users funds are safe


We build Mecenas with the purpose to help people around the world taking advantage of the crypto ecosystem.
Our users deserves security. Although we did our best to code our contract, we encourage hackers and skilled developers to join our bounty program.
This is a new technology and may have undiscovered vulnerabilities.


The scope of this program is the vulnerability inherent to our Mecenas Pool Contract regarding the lost of funds of depositors and owners as a consequence of an exploit related to the code of our contract.


Bug should be reported to [email protected] with clear and concise steps to reproduce the discovered vulnerability. Keep the details of any discovered vulnerabilities confidential until they are fixed.


Once verified the vulnerability, will force us to fix it by including in our builder a new contract. This new contract will contemplate a reward of 5 % as long as blockchain exists, calculated over the jackpot prize of every contract deployed with the builder. This 5 % will be given only once to the first to submit a real verifiable vulnerability regarding the scope. Subsequent vulnerabilities found will be rewarded with 10.000 units of our native token MBK.

Website: link to Mecenas!
Docs: [link to!]
Telegram Announcement Channel: [link to!]​
Telegram Community Group English: [link to!]​
Telegram Community Group Spanish: [link to​!]​
Twitter: [link to​​!]​
Github: [link to​​​!]​
Email: [email protected]

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