Russian Opposition Leader raises $ 2.8 million in Bitcoin

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Russia's reputation as a political hotbed will not soon disappear, and one of the leading opposition leaders, Alexei Navalny, will help ensure that, as it is now made clear that he has received significant financing in the form of Bitcoin.

Navalny is a lawyer of a professional political activist. Born in 1976, he founded the Russia of the Future party in 2018, after a five-year period with Progress Party. The main themes of the party are anti-corruption and is a constant critic of the current government and its leader, President Vladimir Putin.

He founded the Anti-Corruption Foundation (FBK), which regularly exposes the abuses of politicians. The publicly known Bitcoin address, made available three years ago, has now received a total of 593 BTC (currently more than USD 2.8 million). Most of it is spent almost as many times as they are received, so the actual amount that has been received and converted to difficult money is difficult to estimate.

The donations, however, came to light when an anonymous Telegram channel, the FBK Staffer's Confession, announced this week that the portfolio received several large donations shortly before an investigation was broadcast. Pro-Putin media Tsargrad TV also covered the story.

FBK's chief of staff Leonid Volkov has denied all links between the donations and her investigations, claiming that the anonymous tip "merged the non-existent facts with the head and shoulders". He added:

"You can say that every time Encke's Comet approaches Earth it coincides with a major war: 1914 (First World War), 1941 (Second World War) and 2014 (War against Eastern Ukraine). But his rotation period is three years and he came many times on earth when there were no major wars. "

Navalny is seen by many as the greatest threat to the current government because he himself has tried to become president and has been imprisoned several times, considered by the Memorial Human Rights Center as a political prisoner.!bQ4uaGr5,


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