ADA, Link, Man and BNB.

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If you have been following our calls since 2017, you will remember that we have been calling for ADA, Link, Man and BNB.


ADA is on a tear, today it is up 1,445% in the past year. I would call that a winner.

Link 519% in a year, another winner.

BNB 453% in one year, I also call that a winner.

Man 3.54% in one year... Not great but its not losing ether.

I am not a profit (although I made plenty), I have no crystal ball either. I believe in all of these projects and I still believe MAN will yield similar gains as the other, but no one knows the future. Man has yet to be listed on a major exchange, and they haven't had any significant news in a long time. If you can find a diamond in the rough, it can be the biggest payoff ever, and I believe Man is that long shot. Imagine you bought just 100 bucks worth the bitcoin at $0.03 cents, think of where you would be today. Now I am not saying that Matrix (MAN), will do what bitcoin did, but what if it goes from $0.03 to $11.00 and you invested $100... That's $36,663 total, $36,563 after subtracting your investment, and maybe $36,500 after trading/transfer fee.

Many important people are talking about Dogecoin, I honestly do not see the value. I think Elon is a genius, but I honestly don't see what he see's in it. I mean, the man is incredible intelligent so maybe he sees something I don't...

##Good Luck!

I am not a financial advisor and this is not financial advice. Invest at your own risk.


BTC has done about similar to these. I am familiar with all except MAN. Other than MAN and Bitcoin, these coins are smart-contract platforms. Tron has gone up by 100%, and I would never thought I would say this, a 100% return on a year is small compared to these other numbers.

Leprechaun, 100% gains is nothing to scoff at, anything better than the 0.16% gains given by savings accounts is well worth investing in. We can't always pick the rock star investment every time, and just because something performed incredibly over one year, doesn't mean it out performed other over even a day. For example, Matrix (MAN), is up 124% this month.

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