BTC morning update 17.01.18

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This morning I have great news for all crypto fans out there. This crash is gonna be over way sooner than I thought!

Because of the recent price action, the count needs to be adjusted as follows:DPIOYWoL.png


This means that the crash cannot go much below 8000$, because wave 3 would be shortest (and that is impossible). That was unexpected, but the way it looks now, the crash might be over by the end of friday or even sooner.


I am prepared for that... are you?

image (5).png
If you think this to be useful information:
image (5).png
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image (5).png
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Yes we all are prepared for it.

Hope youre right. Im hoping for friday or later, give me more time to drop a little more money onto my aacoubts and try and cpaatalize on the lower prices and buy.


I bought some STEEM, maybe could have held out for a slightly better price, but I'm fine holding it long term.


Спасибо за позитивные новости!

I agree that there is not much left.

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-17 a las 10.00.29 a.m..png

If we measure between point B and C and project it from point D, it would give us that the correction would end around 8,250 dollars.

Captura de pantalla 2018-01-17 a las 9.59.39 a.m..png

Missing but much less.

If the analysis served you give your vote with some steem, thanks!

Analysis of bitcoin is must for a trader even if you buy alts than also youhave to take care of BTC which can ruin everything.
thanks for the update.

I hope so It will recover soon. God knows better. Thanks for this analysis.

Useful information dear. It seems little bit afraid to me that it drops only this time.
Good job man. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

Useful information thanks!

Mt Gox was impossible until it wasn't, holding was never the maximal strategy during huge ramps, profit-taking and re-entering at a lower point was.

Many people think the price will drop to $8000!

So it will lol ...


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woow really good news friend

Thank you for the good news @ew-and-patterns

Great information and I agree with your charting! Thank You for sharing.

Hope so.
thank you for the post

Useful information @ew-and-patterns.

Da man has deliverd. I am thinking the same. Thank you.

Great news indeed , bitcoins people will be pleased today ,the prayer is to continue like .

if you are right and there is wave number 5 I have a job for you!

wow, such a useful article! thnx

thank you for the information you have submitted,

8k is a good level, but somehow development from todays price move suggest a lower demand level, 2500-7500 is my buy zone estimates Shot 2018-01-15 at 19.39.54.png

Thanks information and prediction

Thanks for the positive feedback. Rough waters for a lot of crypto investors. Got to see the positive of things.

Its crashing even more now but I am holding all my coins strongly and was buying more yesterday xD Thanks for the heads up! Lets see if the bears goes away by friday.

8k still your prediction?

Great to know. The market went super irrational. Sellers would soon get tired. Lots of good news were and still getting released when it comes to the technological development. I actually bought some STEEM/SBD but too bad it was almost at $4. I should have waited more.

Things should go parabolic after the end of this correction. I mean I'm I haven't seen anything that can even be compared with this stupidity. I'm sure it'll be carried over to the bull runs too.

@ew-and-patterns thanks for the good analyze! have a nice day!!!

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