BTC update 03.01.18💗

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Everything is calm and orderly right now. BTC continues the uptrend. Fears of new panic lows seem long forgotten.

Here is the updated count. It took me a while to see the truncated wave C. It is a little rare and I think I have not seen many of those in cryptos.


But the Support Zone of my last update was strong enough to end the downtrend:


Precision hit and again one for my archives...

Everything seems too good to be true right now. BTC is at the beginning of a new uptrend. STEEM @ 7$, SBD @ 10$. WHAT MORE CAN ANYBODY ASK FOR? I just love it 💗... Stay tuned...

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The market seems to be in pretty damn great shape right now, but this can be a "calm before the storm" kind of situation, because as you said, everything just is too good to be true right now. And I believe if something seems too good to be true, it probably is (copied from two and a half men LMFAO!!). But jokes apart, we should be prepared for the crash if it does come and don't panic, coz the market always finds it's way back up!! Patience is the key right now, and it will be in the future if we're crashing!!

You are right. It is always good to stay aware and cautious.
But we just had a big 50% from alltime-high correction so another huge drop is unlikely. This has happend several times in BTC and is actually what got us to 20k$ in the first place. Everytime bitcoin was supposedly dead. And when it turned out it wasn't, KABOOM.

Well isn't the case with everything!! Pessimistic people will always be around no matter what to talk down anything that is starting to rise only because they are too afraid or rigid to accept a change or something new!!!

In these kind of volatile and still relatively young markets, ups and downs are like bread and butter!! We just have to accept it and be prepared!!


Great.. Thanks for your analysis..

I recently posted a new update regarding to steem , it gave close result :) my guess will be steem will trade 0.00089 btc / steem in coming hours . It may reach $14+ :) as you said sbd & steem will be 1:1

Waiting to see your post on steem update :)

the trend has been positive , look like the resistance lines have been btoken and it has corrected itself, now for the uptrend. and steem is also doing well now at $8 and still climbing. its a great start for the year

it is very beautiful . forever BTC @ew-and-patterns

The uptrend is good for the community. When bitcoin rises, it drags other cryptos along. SBD @ $10 sounds and feels good lol...

Yeah, it feels great when BTC rises and all altcoins are green :)

I want to invest in bitcon and crypto, can you pls put me through?

No, you need to read a lot of material and learn the basics of cryptocurrencies BEFORE you should start investing. I can't help you with that, sry.

Thanks for the update! Seems like the crypto market is in a really good place right now.

thanks for the information his friend .. please help unvote have me kawan ya

Thanks for posting so useful article. This article would encourage many btc investors.

Hopefully steem and sbd 100$

That would be absolutely amazing!

Everything seems too good to be true right now. BTC is at the beginning of a new uptrend. STEEM @ 7$, SBD @ 10$. WHAT MORE CAN ANYBODY ASK FOR? I just love it 💗... Stay tuned...

We can't ask for anything more.
It's now left for us to put in our best.
We shall conquer all in this 2018.

Thanks for your analysis, been waiting for the shock waves in BTC to settle down and I think your right, time to jump back in to BTC and see what happens. :)

Nice article I believe with Steemit our future is secured.i have started following you

Thanks to know!

Thanks for sharing nice post

To @ew-and-patterns
What do you think will happen to SBD? Will it stick to the same price as steem, be down to peg the USD or go up?

The comment section is interesting as well.

Hey man what do you think about salt atm?

i did a write up yesterday about it and would love if you could check it ou! :)

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