btc aimed downward despite the Nasdaq's rising(9/29)

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Yesterday(9/28 00:00 - 24:00, UTC+0), Bitcoin price recorded its starting as $10774, its lowest as $10599, its highest as $10946 and its closing as $10688. As soon as bitcoin started new week, it rose to $10946 with a large buying volume, then moved sideways between 10850-10946 with low volume, then fell sharply to $10599 at 45 minutes before the close of the market, and closed rebounded.

What is different from before is that Bitcoin did not keep up with the NASDAQ's 1.8% increase, and showed a -3.2% decline from its high. Ethereum also rose to $368 with a large volume at a different time(12:30) than Bitcoin, but it did not rise further even after the Nasdaq rise and fell to $351 with the fall of Bitcoin.

Since Bitcoin fell through both the weekly starting price of $10774 and $10701, which is a 4-hour chart of 100MA, it might close with falling weekly candle unless it would rise over those price. It showed a similar appearance earlier last week. The extent of the decline depends on the sell volume and it can be considered the first support of $10450 and the second support of $10150.

The US stock market rose on expectations for a stimulus agreement and low-priced purchases, while the US dollar fell -0.3%, showing a relatively large decline. Gold, located on the opposite side of the US dollar, rose 0.9%, approaching the 1900 line.

We should take note of the possibility that economic indicators will greatly shake due to today's presidential election debate and the announcement of the unemployment rate.

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