btc dominance fell to 61.1 resulting in altcoin's era(9/26)

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Yesterday(9/25 00:00 - 24:00, UTC+0), Bitcoin price recorded its starting as $10739, its lowest as $10551, its highest as $10757 and its closing as $10688. Bitcoin fell to 08:30 following the movement of the Nasdaq futures after the day started. And then it rose as the Nasdaq spot market opened and continued to rise.

Unlike Thursday, Ethereum also rose 0.8%, showing the same chart as Bitcoin, with low volume. Compared to the 2.2% increase in Nasdaq, cryptocurrency was almost even, and so I think it need a bit of a break after it rose significantly on Thursday. Since Bitcoin dominance fell from the high of 61.8 to 61.1, altcoins rose further than Bitcoin. Altcoins, which fell even more while Bitcoin fell -20% from 12500, have been seen a lot to rise while Bitcoin is at rest.

Looking at the economic indicators, the US dollar rose 0.25% to 94.6, showing strength against all other currencies, while gold fell -0.68% to 1864 dollars, staying below $1900 for three consecutive day. Considering that despite the rise of the NASDAQ, there was no good news, and the volume was not much, it is difficult to say that the Nasdaq has changed direction yet.

Regarding Bitcoin's movement over the weekend, if it supports the 100MA line of the 4-hour chart of $10670, the first target price is $10913, the starting point of the week, and the second target price is $11200. If it falls through $10670, the first support is $10,400 and the second is $10,100.

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