btc hasn't decide the way to go(10/1)

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Bitcoin, which started at $10,839 yesterday (9/30 00:00, UTC+0), hit a low of $10650, peaked at $10839, and closed at $10,778 (9/30 24:00, UTC+0). Bitcoin, similar to Tuesday, followed the Nasdaq's movement with low volume throughout the day, falling early in the market and rising in the second half, closing at -0.6%. The movement of Ethereum also followed the movement of Nasdaq without big volume, just like the movement of Bitcoin.

The Nasdaq futures market declined after the US presidential election debate ended and then recovered as the spot market began, and then declined again. The failure to negotiate stimulus plans with US Treasury Secretary Manusin and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi prevented the big rising of Nasdaq.

The private employment index was well released(740k increase), the Chicago PMI surged from 51.2 to 62.4 in September, and the home sales index rose 8.8% from the previous month, which could be a big boon for the stock market. It reminded me that stimulus plan is a bigger material than any other good news.

The good news that the financial market is waiting for now seems to be a stimulus plan. It seems that all the good news came out this week, but it has not brought a clear reversal of economic indicators. Once September is over, “September is a sell-off month,” how Wall Street fund managers will reorganize their portfolios from October will determine whether a scenario where the US dollar falls again and the Nasdaq rises will be created. Pay attention to whether October is the buying month or not.

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