btc kept the 100MA of 4hr chart(9/28)

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Bitcoin, which started at $10,729 yesterday (9/27 00:00, UTC+0), hit a low of $10590, peaked at $10795, and closed at $10,774 (9/27 24:00, UTC+0). Bitcoin fell to $10590 with a large volume at 06:30, then rebounded a little and fell to $10,592 at 12:00 again, then rose to a short-term double bottom at the 15th minute, and closed at $45 higher than the starting price.

On the other hand, Ethereum caused a trading volume, rising 2.5% at 05:30, falling to 12:00 -2%, and so on, but the closing was the same as the market price. Bitcoin dominance moved between 60.9 and 61.2 and hasn't had a big impact on Bitcoin movement.

As the cryptocurrency market is still coupled with the movement of the NASDAQ, it is important to keep an eye on the movement of the US stock market and the US dollar. There are three news that might affect the NASDAQ this week.

First, the US presidential election TV debate begins on the 29th(Tuesday). With Biden currently leading the voting rate, whether or not Trump, who is good at TV debate, can reduce the gap may also affect the stock market.

Second, on the 30th (Wednesday), the US ADP private employment indicators will be released. There is a prospect that the employment index will not act as a negative factor, but only the market will know how the market accepts.

Third, in relation to the movement of the US dollar, Euro might fall due to the spread of Covid 19 in Europe. And if the final negotiation of Brexit between the UK and the EU starting on the 28th gets bad result, GBP might fall too. These events could lead to the strength of the US dollar resulting in Nasdaq's declining.

Watching these situations, you can trade cryptocurrency for a week.

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