btc moved upward, but not with enough volume(9/30)

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Bitcoin, starting at $10688(9/29 00:00, UTC+0), hit the low of $10600, peaked at $10855 and closed at $10839(9/29 24:00, UTC+0). Bitcoin closed at a +1.4% increase with very low volume, similar to the weekend market. It seemed to be heading down on Monday, but it can be judged that the direction has changed because it ended above both the 100MA mark of the 4-hour chart of $10701 and the weekly starting price of $10774. In other way, it may be considered that it is difficult to give a great meaning to an small increase in the state of low volume.

In the US stock market, there are negative news and positive news together. The former is the expansion of Germany's economic blockade due to Covid 19 and the CDC's expectation of a sharp increase in deaths this winter. The latter is the consumer confidence index rose sharply to 101.8 and the US fiscal stimulus plan is likely to be agreed. With these good and bad news, the Nasdaq fell -0.39% and the US dollar was weak(-0.4%) ahead of the US presidential election debate, and the gold surpassed 1900. In short, it can be said that the market has not decided it's way.

If bitcoin rises with large volume, it is necessary to check whether it breaks the resistance line at $11060 on the daily chart. In case of decline, the support line is the same as yesterday. (1st $10450, 2nd $10150)

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