btc still was moving between box(9/27)

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Bitcoin, starting at $10688(9/26 00:00, UTC+0), hit the low of $10655, peaked at $10829 and closed at $10729(9/26 24:00, UTC+0). Bitcoin moved sideways without big volume, reached a peak with one intermediate volume, and continued to move sideways, clsosing at +0.3% increase. Ethereum also showed a sideways movement throughout the day and ended up 0.5%. The cryptocurrency market was a typical weekend break.

There is a news that does not affect the crypto market. A large amount of assets were hacked by the theft of Hot Wallet's private key at KuCoin, a cryptocurrency exchange, and it was announced that Bitfinex and Tether would freeze $33 million of the hacked funds.

There are two implications, one is that the cryptocurrency market hardly responds to news of hacking the exchange, and the other is that in the cryptocurrency market that aims to decentralized transactions, a centralized company (Tether) has been able to prevent the withdraw of stolen funds. Thether company's being able to stop the success of hacking can be a good thing to reduce the market risk to some extent. It seems a little ironic.

Bitcoin is still above 100MA on the 4-hour chart, so today's target and support price are the same as yesterday.

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