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ANYONE functions as a crypto-coin but functions more as an optional currency for cross-border deals, including many other markets with outstanding potentials. Currently, ANYONE established a global service plan to operate as a Blockchain technological incorporated service provider.

In the course of offering its services, it will combine exchanges with games, dividends, and investments based on extra models of business. In this write up, you will get to know the plans ANYONE has for Global Services.

The Proposed ANYONE Global Services
The Vision behind this project is to offer global services that will combine exchange with other activities like games, investments and dividends. However we will look at the plans respectively ;

Games: One GameChip is equivalent to One Dollar as guaranteed by ANYONE foundation. Online Casino is very much legal in numerous countries and seen as an industrial culture.

The global growth of online casino is very obvious and it's nothing distinct from the already known casino games such as slot machines, roulette and other table games.

In the European markets, the table games are toping chart with high market share while in the North American markets, the online casinos are having high market shares as well.

Exchange: ANYONE has influence over the listing of cryptocurrencies for public offer at a low cost. Crypto coins are generated in dozens daily. The number of crypto coin to be registered aren't much at the expense of plenty listing on the exchange. The ANYONE-exchange ensures the crypto coin retains its status at a minimal listing cost.

Investment: The purchase from ANYONE and GAMECHIP actually creates a platform for investment on Referral Marketing.

The company receives certain amount as daily compensation from purchase of investment by ANYONE or GAMECHIP. Besides, each product has its interest rate. There is also a product guide that helps purchase decisions like ANYONE purchases 120 days while GAMECHIP purchase 100days.

Dividends: With ANYONE-Investments, investors gets payments daily. The payment is based on percentage with ANYONE Coin, which has the revenue reliant on the total business models carried out by ANYONE Foundation. Dividends payment is the current trend of crypto coin, with the dividend rate at 30% to 60% of total revenue.

The rate is flexible, therefore it's difficult to know the exact percentage of the coins sum allocated according to the increase in crypto amount.

The Problems Found In Crypto Online Casino
Based on the analysis long in existence, crypto coin has been in use in numerous casinos online, but traditional online casinos face problems of depreciation, reliability and quality.

Reliability refers to server and data reliability. As a result of the probability found in games,comes fall and defeat in the initial currency price due to falling price of crypto coin.

The issue of quality can't be ignored due to the fact that plenty online casinos use crypto coin but the contents and graphics have poor quality.

**What Solutions Is ANYONE Proffering? **
ANYONE is here to proffer solution to these issues;

• ANYONE uses Autoscaling by using AWS, RDS and WAF to ensure reliability of server. Data can also be maintained through server reliability.

• ANYONE doesn't give room for manipulation on probabilities in terms of victory Probability and outcome.

• The major issue has been the quality of Content and Graphics. In order to handle this challenge, ANYONE intends to improve contents and graphics quality. Currently ANYONE has in its operations, a small game and additional contents are provided monthly.

The project uses a coin named ANYONE and a ticker called ANY. The value is ascertained from the user transaction with the use of business models.
ANYONE having been global service-oriented company will have to operate a more vast cryptocurrency ecosystems, including users.

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