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Colletrix introduces a non-fungible token (NFT), that aims at associating with the intellectual property (IP) designs of merchandises. The Project intends to have IP, blockchain and merchandises all combined to expedite market value revolution. This is achievable using the NFT and Colletrix Tokens (CIPX), which will eventually create a different ecosystem entirely, that benefits more users.

One part of Colletrix consists of the development of the Non-fungible Token, which represents the ownership of a special IP that is associated with a merchandise. The other part of it has to do with the development of CIPX, the circulating cryptocurrency in the Ecosystem.

**What is Colletrix? **
Colletrix applies blockchain technology to ensure maximum protection of IP owners’ revenue rights. It also does the verification of authenticity on customers collectibles.

Colletrix makes use of a protocol ERC-721 for its (NFT). Each special IP is represented by an NFT. The visibility of ERC-721 is on the Ethereum, one of the topmost and largest systems of intelligent contracts in the globe today.

Problems Solved By Colletrix
The world is moving away from paper, and one of the greats issues is in this digital era is intellectual insecurity. For this reason among others, this Colletrix project is created. It uses block technology to ensure IP owners protection and merchandise collectibles authentication.
With Colletrix, artists are empowered to transform their IP to a digital asset via tokenization. This gives their IP protection during token trade.
The IP creators can also monitor each sale or transaction of their IP token via this with help of Colletrix. As a result, they also earn licensing fees from each IP token sales.

Colletrix also opens more opportunities for business. With this platform, there is room for close working or synergy between owners of IP and the merchandisers. More customers can be attracted to the artist and the world of cryptocurrency.

Aim And Vision of Colletrix
The aim of this project, is to create and establish a new valuable market via the integration of IP tokenization. It is also very much possible to merge the new economy and the one following the new arrival of NFT. This will eventually expand the opportunities for owners of IP and manufacturers globally to provide lasting licenses for their IPs. The merchandisers using Blockchain will have access to the new market value for their products. Based on this, Colletrix intends to be one of the first among other projects, to facilitate highly significant global economic merger and transformation.

The vision behind this project is the futuristic sight of an immense global merging of the new and old economies. This integration will give birth to new economic models from which every participant will benefit. An imminent industrial revolution is also foreseen, where IP owners will hold on to their licensing fee as they embrace this project.

Companies Associated With Colletrix And Their Impact.
There are four major companies working towards the actualization of the Colletrix Vision. These companies include;

UNDONE happens to be the world’s leading custom watch label. It was established in 2014 by a team of very dedicated watch industry veterans. They have numerous years of experience in customization of luxury watches with their own designs and even manufacturing unique watches to satisfy their customer’s demands. So, with a relatable foundation built by them in the watch industry, there is no doubt they are ready to key in the whole industry into the recent era of Colletrix Blockchain technology enhancement.

-Animoca Brands
This company is an exclusive distributor of cryptokittes, therefore Colletrix is not an exception. They take leverage on Blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. They use it to develop and as well publish lots of mobile products such as games and other popular intellectual properties.

-Future Arena
Sport IP development and commercialization is the function of this company, Future Arena. They are the digital pioneers, they also cultivate sports IP fan base and bridge sports brands with other IP partners. Their goals are centred on IP development and business models invention. Their interest in blockchain technology will enhance the development and smooth running of Colletrix.

-Bitwork Accelerator
They own a program for blockchain companies of all levels. This program assists to effectively match all forms of specified resources both in the public and private sectors. It is dedicated to providing solutions and acceleration for Blockchain business at the corporate level. Its main focus is to assist industries to locate lapses in the existing economic model, also look for new opportunities and invent new economic models using Blockchain technology.

**Colletrix Working Team **
The vision of this project is strongly driven by two sets of teams, the project team and the advisory team. To mention but a few, the project team include;
Robert Tran(chairman, CEO and co-founder), George Jiang(Managing Director & Co-founder), Michael Young (Chief Merchandising Officer & Co-founder), while the advisory team include; Bryan Wu, Henry Yu, Gin Takashi Mizuoka.

To learn more about the Colletrix team and the entire Colletrix project, Please feel free to visit this website;


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