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Most developing countries have a high motivation for MSME businesses. A lot of projects are been introduced frequently to provide needed help for their company go up, most commonly making use the power of technology. For this is the main reason why the Tokoin project (TOKO) was started.
Tokoin is a blockchain project that is aimed in giving technology solutions, to correct some certain operation of procedure of MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises), and to utilize the use of technology in making them relevant and be more effective in their roles. Tokoin aims to take advantage of data from MSME business, create an avenue and made the transaction data appear in a digital form on the blockchain. The data will remain unchanged and safer and will also be made available for easy use of banks on request.
The work Tokoin is brought by the combination of two words, "took" and "in". The world " took" signify a small building in Indonesia. This is a place where users trade and also get various products of their desired choices. And the "In" is a place where derivatives products are made in Indonesia. The combination of the two words brings about Tokoin which have a literal meaning as changing a small building into a large place where transactions are made and users demands are met.

  1. Act as a Matchmaker Between MSMEs and Banks
    The platform plays a vital role in serving as a matchmaker between Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) with banks and private individuals. This is solely to help smaller companies to get more funds to run their businesses
  2. Act As a Lending Marketplace
    Apart from the role of helping small startups to get enough fund for their business through the banks and other financial institutions. This platform also provides an avenue where investors can buy any MSME they interested in.
  3. Instalment Buying
    This is to help business who finds it hard to make payment once for their payment to take advantage of the instalment buying option that is made available on the platform. This will help MSMEs to buy products and services from their merchants and thereby promoting their businesses.
    TOKO is the base token of Tokoin network. This token meets the ERC-20 standard and built and kept on the Blockchain Ethereum. The TOKO can be used for trading and can be stored with the help of a cold wallet or a hot wallet that supports token ERC-20.
    The holders or owners of TOKO are poised to enjoy the following benefits listed below
    • Create a reputation business records
    • Easy access to project funded applications
    • Get more discount when participating in Tokoin ecosystem
    Token: TOKO
    Type: Utility
    Platform: Ethereum
    Accepting: ETH
    Soft cap: 8,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD
    Country: Indonesia
    Whitelist:/KYC KYC
    The more active a user is in the Tokoin platform the more reward will be achieved, TOKO will be given in the form of incentive. This incentive will be drawn out from the Tokoin incentive pool. This incentive will be gotten and realized from the additional token issuance, platform usage fee, and reserve pool.
    This project is promising and its future looks bright and secured due to the projectability to possess their own product such as the Point of Sale (POS), and the Point of Purchase (POP). The project is also enriched with an experienced and professional team that always ready for the running of the project.

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