Digital-Gold: Adding Value And Safeguarding Digital Assets

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Introducing a new physical gold-upheld stable coin that has its basis on the ethereum blockchain. Digital-Gold refers to a computerized, valuable crypto coin that is practically equivalent to a gram of physical GOLD of 99% virtue at the Singapore secure vault is obtained at any spot a token is granted. It is actually a shelter and remedy to speculation and portfolio expansion that seems to hinder or slow trades. This implies that it is nothing but a satisfactory cash instrument, being that cryptocurrencies backed by fiats but this one is backed by physical gold.
However, Digital-GOLD is an opportunity to be in possession of it, since the time is totally upheld by physical gold in order to hedge against unstable swings and poor crypto-economic situations. This can also help investors who intend to expand their portfolio.

The Main Aim Of This Project
Digital-Gold is introduced to safe keep gold assets and create a means of making payments with GOLD token. The block-chain already has the characteristics that have the capacity to keep digital assets safe, more than the traditional system. There is no doubt that gold is costly and proper security is required, therefore tokenizing the gold business is the nicest thing to encourage and this is one of the purposes of this project. Rather than going to the gold store with bags of cash to purchase gold, you simply will make use of the GOLD token in your wallet. Obviously, this will make the procedure flexible and much simpler for gold business transaction.

Major Merits Of This Platform

  • Every Digital-Gold has the backing of physical gold held in a very secure vault. Tokens are issued based on Ethererum smart contracts and the amount of useable available tokens increases to the general amount of gold bullion control in the vault.
  • The platform also has high liquidity for gold business. This means that token holders can quickly buy or reclaim tokens.
  • There are no transaction fees on this platform, therefore one can make payments numerously and it can be used for daily standard or business exchanges.
  • Every transaction process is very easy on this platform whereby storing gold at a bank attracts very low administrative costs with zero inconveniences of handling valuable metallic assets and other related stockpiling challenges.
  • Since it is 100% upheld by tangible gold, therefore security is equally 100% guaranteed. There is the protection that covers for all possible risk provided by the world's largest protection cash guarantors, called Chubb Insurance.

The Gold Token
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It refers to a stable coin meant for transactions whereby you get the physical gold equivalent when you buy gold with the token. This token enables you to store valuable digital assets worth of gold for as long as you want and safely. Protection of transaction of information is guaranteed on this platform. Exchanges can also be made with this token freely with zero limits to transactions.

Investors should be diligent in constantly monitoring latest gold prices especially investors who to buy or sell in the nearest future.
GOLD thought it was an opportunity to look for a big prize to buy big gold bars and make computerized resources. The GOLD token is the initial display that is meant to be really only a few times like the actual conservation capacity after an investor purchases GOLD, a portion of the physical gold can be made useful after some time.
To learn more about this wonderful platform and asset, please kindly visit the website below.
Official Website:

BTT Peofile Link:;u=1718700;


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