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OneExbit is a fully functional trading terminal that uses API to integrate various top cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Bimex, Coinbridge, Poloniex, Hitbtc, Bifinex, Okez etc. The OneExbit trading terminal also offers trading statistics, trading graphs, displays trading history and has a good design interface for users.
OneExbit is keen on adding new exchanges to its terminal and will have up to 40 cryptocurrency exchanges which include Idex, Kucoin, Kraken, Liquid
OneExBit aims to make cryptocurrency trading safer, more efficient and easier to do.

OneExBit is currently fully functional and used by over 500traders. It is available on both Mac and Windows. Some of its features include:
Quick access and swapping between exchanges.
Limit and market orders.
The trading view is integrated into the OneExbit platform it enables trades to use graphs of cryptocurrency exchanges.
You can do all your trading activities on OneExbit, you don't need a browser after setup.
Current orders on Exchange are displayed in charts.
Transaction history, open orders, real-time closing of orders, prices changes, daily trading volume, maximum and minimum are displayed in real-time.
Orders and last transactions.
OneExbit In be expanding its functionalities in the future, some of the large features will be;
Portfolio/Asset management services.
Social trading/compound orders
Decentralized Exchange.
Intra-exchange Arbitration

OneExbit is keen on providing its users will a wide range of financial services. In this light, OneExbit has issued it own masternode cryptocurrency called ONEX. The currency is designed to provide it holders income through:.
Running a Masternode or any node that can store the complete OneExbit blockchain current status at any point I time. Masternode node is an important part of the OneExbit blockchain. It provides crucial network services like ensuring the stability and security of the network. In some blockchain, master node are used to facilitate instant private transactions. Operations of masters receive rewards for their services. In order to create a masternode on OneExbit, the user needs to purchase a certain amount of coins and a Virtual private server from suppliers like Vultr or DigitalOcean.
ONEX is mined based on the proof of stake algorithm. Users receive rewards by adding blocks and confirming transactions on the network. By holding ONEX in a designated wallet you get rewards, the more coins you own the more chances you have to complete the blocks the more reward you receive.

Margin trading also called trading with leverage is very important to traders success. Especially when they don't have enough capital to trade and make a lot of profit. Simply put, you borrow funds from the exchange and add to your deposit. The exchange charge a fee for this service. If you have just $400 you can trade like it's $4000 for X10 leverage or $40,000 for an X100 leverage.
In bid to bring you the best trading services. Margin trading has been added to OneExBit. You can trade and leverage on all those exchanges that allow it. I must note that margin trading has more risk and it's strictly for experienced traders. So there it's important to stress that traders should exercise caution and don't be greedy.
More amazing features will be released on Onex. Stay tuned.

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