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Financial Market has always played a vital role in businesses, companies and the society at large. It is a great avenue to trade and make a profit. It is a place to trade stocks, bonds and other financial securities.
Since the creation of bitcoin my an anonymous programmer in 2009, a new set of financial asset called "CRYPTOCURRENCY" has evolved. As a statement of fact, it has been the best performing assets in the last 10years. This has made a lot of traditional investors and traders have an interest in trading crypto assets. Financial investors and traders are now trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as it has great potentials.
However, there is no avenue for the trading of across multiple financial markets. This is why the multi-venue Stigma by Hydra X was created.

Sigma is a multi-venue trading platform for various financial asset including tokens, stocks, forex etc. Sigma allows you to trade from one interface. Sigma has made tremendous progress already as the platform is already connected with major cryptocurrency exchanges like binance, Houbi, Coinbase Bifinex, HitBtc, Bittrex, Kraken, KuXoinGemini, Ploniex and OKez. It doesn't end there, connection with traditional brokers like FXCM, LMAX are in view already.
You can simply link your various trading accounts with these exchanges or brokers to Sigma to conduct your portfolio management and trading. Once linked, you will be able to place orders and monitor holdings on these venues through Sigma.
Sigma doesn't just offer a multi-class asset trading. It takes it a step further as it also enables users to control their trades across various exchanges. This will not only increase the convenience of trades by also the efficiency of trades leading to more profit though marginalized trading and arbitrage trading.
Sigma offers a social trading mechanism where investors and traders or group of traders can begin to meet in a social network to trade as a group. Social trading by sigma allows cooperative trading structure and sharing of opinions and ideas.
Sigma by Hydra doesn't charge for the transactions done on it. It is a zero fees platform and it let users customize the trading platform to suit their needs.
Sigma News Integration gives traders an edge with the live news feed. Sigma news data feed keeps traders constantly informed about market activities.
Sigma have different technical tools inbuilt to enhance traders. Traders can use charting scanners, arbitrage tools and alerts to increase their knowledge and overall trading performance.
Sigma gives users the ability to transfer their asset across various venues with low fees and high liquidity.
With Sigma, you can literally manage and monitor all trades and asset easily. Sigma can serve as your portfolio management platform.
Sigma takes security seriously as it uses latest and sophisticated technology to secure the platform, it also encrypts user credentials.
Sigma is designed to make trading and monitoring of your financial assets easier. It intends developing a mobile app so that the sigma platform will be available for user's use all the time. It is a revolutionary platform and it will improve the trading experience for users.


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