The Veil Project: A Privacy Focused Coin

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As the world went digital, so did cash. The advent of blockchain technology was a major breakthrough which changed the way transactions were carried out. Today there are numerous blockchain platforms available, they include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron just to list out a few. Each providing the world with the digital currency called cryptocurrency. Since its inception, cryptocurrency has been generally accepted as a store of value and also as a means of payment. But, two factors are always put into consideration when transacting online. First, how private is that transaction and second, the level of security offered by the platform. These two factors in mind form the bases of the development of the Veil Project.

The Veil Project
One thing crypto users always seek is maintaining a level of anonymity, and that's what Veil offers. The Veil Project was initiated to provide the crypto world with the most secure and private cryptocurrency. The Veil vision is to create the best privacy coin in the world. Launched on Jan. 1, 2019, the Veil Project provides users with a high level of anonymity, that surpasses what is offered by all other blockchain platforms.
The veil is utilizing the best anonymity technologies to become the first to provide a cryptocurrency that provides uncompromising and always-on privacy. Below are some key features that make the Veil stand out from the competition:
Anonymous Transactions – Veil is the first cryptocurrency that offers its users the ability to trade and stake anonymously. Sender's IP addresses are virtually untraceable.
Uncompromising Privacy – With the combination of top private techs, Veil provides uncompromising full-time always-on privacy. Making transactions untraceable.
Seamless User Experience – The Veil wallet is designed to provide users with the most seamless experience. Enabling all members of the masses both beginners and veteran to enjoy the benefits of crypto.
Fair Launch – Veil is a non-ICO project. Its blockchain is secured via Proof-of-Work and Proof-of-Stake, in order to combine security and distribution.
Self-Sustaining – Veil network offers a built-in self-funding to support long term research and project development.
Future-Safe – With the establishment of Veil Labs, Veil will continually push the limits cryptography and blockchain technology.

The Veil Lab
In a bid to stay in front of the pack, the Veil Project has established Veil Labs. Veil Labs are the Research and Development entity of the project, comprising of a team of dedicated researchers charged with the goal of improving and innovating anonymity and privacy-oriented technologies for cryptocurrencies.

Veil's Technology
The veil is aimed at creating a cryptocurrency that will set a new standard in the privacy of blockchain technology. To achieve this, the Veil integrates the top anonymity and privacy technologies. Combining Zerocoin Protocol and RingCT technology to ensure user anonymity, and using Dandelion and Bulletproofs to ensure the original IP address of each transaction difficult to trace.

You wanted the best and here it is, the Veil is the Alpha male when it comes to the privacy of cryptocurrency. They've been able to achieve a height of privacy that others before them are still striving to reach. Providing users with high-end anonymity and privacy on all trades and stakes. It has been listed on various platforms and websites including Messari, CITEX and CoinMarketCap. Trust me, this is a full-proof coin you can bank your money on.

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