My online earnings - Week 0.5

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Hi everyone! Finally 2021 arrived but this week only included 3 days of 2021 so I will only start counting from this Monday onwards. My results weren't that great since I wasn't able to put in that much work over this last week. Bitcoin keep rising to new highs which is making my job a little easier.

How much have I made last week:

  • Betfury: +38886 Satoshis ($12)
  • +2581 Satoshis ($0,80)
  • Adbtc +514 Satoshis ($0,16)
  • Coinpot: +841 Satoshis ($0,26)
  • +6079 Satoshis ($1,90)
  • Prolific: 0,13 GBP ($0,17)
  • Hive: 57 Hive ($6,42)
  • Steem: 12 Steem ($1,94)

For a total of $23,65! It's a little better than last week's $20,44 an additional $3,21 but this growth rate is not enough if I'm going to beat my objective of earning $250 a week until the end of the year. The first official week (1/52) of 2021 starts today and I have to pick up the pace!

I have to grow my earnings at least $4,40 from one week to the next!

My objectives for next week:

Earn at least $29,00
Plan and make all my instagram posts for January (1 per day at least)
Create a consistent work schedule for this side hustle

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