[Tutorial] Coinpot - 500+ free Coinpot tokens Daily!

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If you haven't noticed yet Coinpot offers a lot of bonus and rewards if you completed their challenges! One of the easiest ones to accomplish every day is the multiplier, all you have to do is to make at 10,000 bets every day. Since they have a 0% house edge there's a way to complete this challenge by losing very little, Open 2 tabs go to "Multiplier" --> "Autoroll" set maximum no. of rolls to 5200 on both tabs --> on win "set to low" --> on loss "Set to high" and just let it roll!

Once it stops rolling, go to the challenges tab and confirm if you hit the goal, sometimes there are a lot of failed rolls and it isn't enough to complete the challenge. If you done everything right you will win 100 + 100 + 200 + 300 Tokens while losing only some tokens, usually less than 100!

Doing this everyday will complete a lot more challenges, for example the monthly rolling challenge, the roll 999 challenge and some more! So this will make you a lot more than previously advertised!

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